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We provide our community with helpful resources while navigating through pregnancy and infant loss. We firmly believe these resources helped us through some tough times and help it can do the same for others.

Support Group Circle

Support groups

Here you can find a list of local and virtual support groups to connect with other bereaved parents. You are not alone and you are deeply loved. Furthermore, you can access other resources including: financial assistance, memorial gifts, and organizations to support you in your personal healing journey.

Book Recommendations.webp

Book Suggestions

Here you can find our top book recommendations to help facilitate your healing process. Please know this is an ongoing list that we will continue to add to. Furthermore, these books are just suggestions as we know everyone has unique grief and a personal healing journey.  

Memorial Candle

Memorial ideas

Here you can find a list of ideas which we pray are hope-filled and healing for you. Please know, this list is not intended to help everyone in their healing as grief is a unique and personal journey. Your baby is honored simply by you being their parent.

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