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Memorial ideas

Here you can find a list of ideas which we pray are hope-filled and healing for you. Please know, this list is not intended to help everyone in their healing as grief is a unique and personal journey. Your baby is honored simply by you being their parent.


around your home

One idea is to reserve a special place in your home to display memorial keepsakes of your baby. This designated place for your baby can be a healing way to connect with them and remember them daily. We have Brooks' bench pictured here with his footprints in our living room as well as other personalized memorial items in our master bedroom to look at daily. 

Some other special places could include a glass cabinet, dresser, nightstand, collage wall, or on top of a bookshelf.


Display their name

In Brooks' nursery, we have a beautiful handmade custom sign from Etsy that is on the wall above his crib along with this beautiful and peaceful wall pictured here to the left. This wall has some of Brooks' memorial items including ultrasound photos and the baby onesie we planned to take him home with us in.


Making memorial & special items visible 

Pictured on the left, we have these items on our dresser in our master bedroom to look at daily. We have a photo framed with me holding our sweet baby Brooks along with his eastern bunny and our favorite verse we are cling on to for hope.

We do have a keepsake box with Brooks' memorial items as well, but do keep a few out such as the items I mentioned above to honor and remember him daily.


start a memorial garden

One hobby that my husband and I got involved in while navigating our healing journey that has been helpful to us is gardening. We have a memorial garden in honor of baby Brooks in our back yard which we also have filled with decorative butterflies and a beautiful memorial stone.


No footprint too small

This is a wonderful non-profit organization that makes weighted memorial teddy bears that have your exact baby's birthweight. Pictured above is my sweet baby Brooks' teddy bear which has offered me comfort in my healing. Please check out their website by clicking the button below to get more information.

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